Glimmer of Hope for Paralyzed Puppy Thrown From Moving Car

A six-week-old puppy was left paralyzed after she was thrown from a moving vehicle and left to fend for herself on the side of the road.

The puppy, named Banky Brewster, is being helped in her recovery by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

The rescue shared photos of the puppy on April 10, 2018 writing, “She is paralyzed, she has a hard tumor or abscess on her belly, covered in fleas and clearly can’t get up.” The small puppy was full of worms, dehydrated and anemic. “She is a hot mess with mange as well,” rescuers wrote.

It turns out that Banky also had a hernia that needed surgery right away.

There was a tiny glimmer of hope after xrays revealed she did not have any abnormalities or damage of the spine.

“It is infuriating to think that it would be common sense to leave this puppy in a vet or a shelter…but to toss her from a car? COME ON!!!! Banky is good spirits and we are doing everything we can for her, she has a long road ahead of her,” her rescuers said.

Francine Fine Spatafore who transported “precious little Banky from the emergency hospital to the surgeon, Dr. Terry, shared why it was important that Banky be given a chance, despite the severity of her injuries.

“I was heartbroken when I first laid eyes on her,” she wrote on Facebook. “Her broken body wrapped in a towel, her flaking, itchy and raw skin, huge hernia and of course those paralyzed back legs. I cuddled her in the car while my husband drove the 90 miles to Dr. Terry. I held her up to look out the window, she nibbled on my fingers, and actually yapped at me when I stopped her from chewing on her bandage.”

“Feisty, full of piss and vinegar, and a little fighter!! For those who think she should have been euthanized and put out of her misery, I say you did not look into her eyes, feel her spirit, and hold her like a baby while she fell asleep in your arms.”

While being examined by Dr. Terry, Banky showed some of that fighting spirit and her back right leg kicked. It wasn’t clear if her paralysis is permanent or temporary but the vet and his team are “doing everything they can” to help her.

A few day later, and things are looking better for Banky. Dr. Terry now has both of her legs kicking during a laser treatment.

It just goes to show that you can never give up hope that a terrible situation can turn around for the better, even after only a few days.

To help support Banky and her recovery visit NYC Second Chance Rescue.

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