Adorable Puppy Hilariously Keeps Border Collie From Doing His Job

Sam the Border Collie is just trying to do his job but a mischievous puppy gets in his way! When Rory Gregor, a farmer in Inverurie, Scotland, took his 7-year-old sheepdog Sam out with nine-month-old puppy Flo, the little pup decided it’s more fun to tug on Sam’s tail than learn how to herd sheep.

Rory calls for Sam to “walk up” several times, and the dog attempts to move towards the sheep to herd them but he’s thwarted by Flo, who has got a tight grip on his tail!

It takes Rory telling his older dog “That’ll do Sam” for the dog to shake himself free of Flo with a dramatic shake and dash away.

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