Puppy Confused By His First Drink of Cold Water

Ollie, the 11-week-old Mini American Shepherd, just came back from a walk and is instructed by his mom to have a drink of water. But he’s completely taken by surprise when he takes a sip and discovers his water is cold!

It’s the first time he’s gotten really cold water and he’s just a little bit confused by the sensation every time he tries to drink from his bowl.

“We just came back from a walk in the crazy Florida heat and I poured some water from my cold water bottle,” explains Ollie’s human. “He was a bit startled to say the least.”

“There’s a first time for everything and it’s been amazing learning and experiencing new things with this little one,” she added. No doubt mom will pour Ollie a bowl that’s a little less cold next time, but we’re sure Ollie will also get used to it!


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