Pit Bull Rescued from Dog Fighting Finds Friendship With Rabbit

A Pit Bull and adult Flemish giant rabbit aren’t the first pair of animals to come to mind when you think snuggle buddies. But that’s what’s happened in Mindy Hayes’ home.

“My pitbull is amazing and this shows that it’s NOT the breed. Grace originally was used for fighting, later ended up tied to a tree (we don’t know for how long), then to The Anna Shelter, then I adopted her. She was only 10 months old. Now she is a fun, loving, crazy wild girl,” Hayes shares on Facebook.

Mindy Hayes / Facebook

But Grace wasn’t so crazy or wild that Hayes thought she might be a danger to Sophie, the rabbit she brought home last year. She still took things carefully, however.

Grace and Sophie were introduced to one another cautiously at first, but soon it became apparent to Hayes that the two shared an instant connection. “They sniffed one another, and they just blossomed from there,” she told the Dodo.

The two now snuggle together on the couch every day. Sometimes, Grace gives Sophie a groom, which the rabbit doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Hayes adds that “Grace would groom Sophie until she is sopping wet if I let her!”

The dog and bunny love to spend time in each other’s company and their loving friendship is a marvel to Hayes’ friends and acquaintances. But it’s no surprise to Hayes who says Grace and Sophie are both happy, sociable and loving to everyone. She writes, “The bond these two have is unbreakable.”

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