Gentle Pit Bull Comforts Injured Deer and Refuses to Leave Her Side

After seeing a deer in distress, Loreal Camelo’s dog Gotti was upset and wanted to help the injured animal.

“After a deer got stuck in our garden fence Gotti became so concerned about the deer he sat there with us for hours licking and comforting the deer until animal rescue came to take the deer to the hospital,” Loreal wrote.

The Pit Bull lay down by the deer’s side and even licked the deer’s legs. Loreal filmed a short clip of Gotti helping her while she freed the deer.

Once the deer was untangled, she called an animal rehab crew to come and help while the deer rested in her garden.

Loreal said of her dog Gotti, “He’s the kindest most loving, gentle dog you’ll ever meet!” After watching this video, we agree!

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