Pack of Puppies Patiently Wait for Dinner

Training dogs to wait before they eat is one of the best things you can do to keep a peaceful and orderly home with your dog. It gives them consistency and helps prevent food aggression and food guarding behavior. It’s especially useful when you have more than one dog as it teaches them patience. In the following video, this pet parent demonstrates how he gets all of his pack to “Wait” in his home. First up is a group of adult dogs.

Their eyes are all trained on him as he prepares their bowls and puts them down in front of them one by one. It’s amazing to watch them patiently wait for him to serve everyone’s dinner before eating. But it’s even more amazing when he does it with a litter of puppies that are just 3 months old!

The puppies do the same thing as each of their siblings has a bowl placed in front of them and they wait for what must seem like forever for them for the signal they can eat. One thing is for sure, this is a very well-mannered household.

Looking for information on how to prevent food guarding behavior? Check out this video.

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