Newfie Dog Saves a Child from Drowning But Then Turns into a ‘Fake Hero’

It all began with a rescue and a beefsteak reward. A Newfoundland Dog was being hailed as a hero from saving a child who had fallen into the Seine River in Paris, France. But then suspicious things began to happen to other children walking by the river.

Matt Nelson with WeRateDogs shares the rest of this story of a dog that turned out to be a whole lot less heroic than first thought.

The New York Times reported the story in 1908 with the headline, “”Dog a Fake Hero. Pushes children into the Seine to rescue them and win beefsteaks.”

Granted, as Matt points out in his video, the dog did actually save the first kid. It’s just how the dog connected the dots and turned into a villain after that makes us marvel and laugh.

Other viewers agree. “I love that after one save, he immediately made the connection to drowning kid = beef steak,” commented one viewer.

Another noted, “11/10 Good boi, he’s just a little bit of a super villain.”

Someone else concurred writing, “You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.”

“Pavlov’s been real quiet since this dropped…,” joked another.

Although the dog may be a fake hero this doesn’t appear to be fake news to one newfie owner.

One woman, who has a Newfie herself, noted, “As a newfie mom, I can say with 100% certainty that they are both clever and food motivated enough to pull this off.”

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