Naughty Siberian Husky Protests Going to Bed

When Dexter the Husky is told to go to bed he tells his guardian why he doesn’t want to in typical husky fashion! He complains, he whines, he tries to talk his way out of it. But his dad won’t hear any of it. Well, he hears it but chooses to stand firm on his request despite Dexter’s protesting.

Husky Dad writes on YouTube:

“He does as he is told most of the time, but every now and then he likes to rebel.”

And Dexter rebels adorably. He goes into a bow and howls grumpily. But his dad insists and points out that this part of the room isn’t actually Dexter’s sleeping spot.

“To add: No this is not his bed – he just knows it as ‘bed’. His actual sleeping bed is in the hallway. It is much bigger. This is his spot where he sits when we need him out of our way. For example when we are eating or guests are coming into the house. It’s also where he has his toys.”

Watch the grumbly Dexter in the cute video below.

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