Motorcyclist Keeps His Dog Safe For The Ride

It’s a rainy day in Scotland but that doesn’t deter Motorbike Milly and her dad from going for a ride on his motorcycle. A video of Milly the dog’s owner getting her ready for a ride on his bike is going viral.

The Bichon Frise is doted on by her family, and especially by her dad Paul Crossan, a retired plumber who rescued her from a shelter. He was looking for a dog who could accompany him on road trips and fell in love with Milly when he saw her. She had been neglected by her previous owners, but with Paul she gets to go on plenty of adventures.

In the video Milly gets into her customized tank bag, enjoying the treats Paul gives her. Then Paul takes out another piece of gear that made us smile from ear to ear – her very own rhinestone encrusted custom helmet!

Here’s another video of Milly getting into her gear pre-ride, so you can see just how awesome the outfit is, including leather jacket, jeans in addition to her helmet.

Milly is so adorable. She and her dad often travel around Scotland and frequently visit senior care centers to spread the joy.

Paul has been making Milly custom full-faced helmets for several years. He says that the helmets protect her eyes from stone chips and other foreign objects on the road and keeps her ears from flapping around. They are NOT certified for crash safety, like helmets for people are. They are, as Paul says on his YouTube channel, for protecting her eyes and ears.

In the video below he shows how he makes the helmets – which he says take him around 30 minutes to modify.

Paul goes further in a second video (see below) to point out that the dangers of other pet helmets sold online and what the concerns and practicalities pet owners should be aware of if looking to buy one or make one of their own – the primary concern being ventilation and fit.

Milly’s helmets are not the only custom biking feature that Paul makes for her. Her tank bags are also modified so she can slip in for a comfortable ride.

Paul says he rides much more safely with Milly onboard given how precious she is. “I ride safer with her on the bike. She has a proper dog bag and I know all the risks. She’s my number one priority. I’d be lost without her,” he told The Mirror UK.

Milly and Paul can often be seen riding around Scotland together where they often turn heads. “She loves it…When I tell her to say hello, she’ll turn around and yap at people. She’s a good girl.”

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