Husky Refuses to Move From Snow Pile as Grandad Tries Shoveling it Away

Snow. Huskies. The two go together so naturally that it’s hard to picture one without the other. So it’s no wonder that when the first big snowfall came to Buster the Husky’s home, he was ecstatic. And it’s equally understandable that he wasn’t as happy to see his granddad scooping it away.

No, seeing granddad shoveling away all that fresh snow from the deck made Buster’s inner stubborn streak kick in and Buster took a stand for his “snow rights!” Plunking himself down in the center of the deck he claimed the snow pile as his own.

He wouldn’t budge even as grandad shovels around him and tries to coax him off the snow. His dad, Michael Kapusty, captured the funny moment on video.

Michael said Buster eventually relented and let granddad finish his chore. But don’t feel too sad for Buster. He soon realized there was plenty of snow everywhere else that he could play in!

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