Husky Neglected in a Backyard for Years Free Thanks to Dedicated Neighbor

Lee with The Asher House received a number of emails about Joey, a husky being kept in a backyard. The dog was left alone in the yard throughout the year, no matter what the weather. He appears to have never been walked.

The dog’s neighbor was concerned for his welfare had been feeding Joey through the fence. She had been trying to convince the dog’s owners that Joey needed more care, but the owners didn’t want to give him up. So the neighbor continued to do what she could, which included reaching out to Lee.

Lee came over to help the neighbor do whatever they could to help take care of Joey. Both Lee and the Good Samaritan neighbor wondered why the family kept Joey only to neglect him.

When Lee went into the yard to meet Joey for the first time he noted that Joey’s situation was far from ideal. With no exercise or activity he suspected Joey would eventually become aggressive. And in the video he shared, it’s already evident that Joey’s excitement is close to agitation.

While out taking Joey on his first walk outside of his yard, Lee spoke with the neighbor who told him that she refused to give up on the dog. She said she told Joey every day, “I’m not going to give up on you.” Thankfully, her persistence paid off and with the help of Lee, Joey’s family was finally convinced to release him to the Asher house!

Viewers of the video commend what the neighbor did to help Joey. “This neighborhood lady deserves so much praise for getting involved and essentially saving Joey’s life, or at the very least, giving him an opportunity for a new great quality of life with Lee and co,” the viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “What a gorgeous dog. Too bad the owner didn’t understand what an unbelievable gift that they had and protect, love and treasure him like they should have. You are an earth angel Lee. You and everyone who dedicates their lives to helping, saving and rescuing animals. If anyone reading this works with animals, I want to thank you and remind you of what a special person that you are. Not everyone can do this kind of work and you mustn’t ever forget how extraordinarily special and needed you are!”

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