How to Make Red, White and Blue Pupsicles for Your Dog to Enjoy

Gone to the Snow Dogs shows how to make these ‘pupsicles’ just in time for Fourth of July celebrations. But they’re not just for patriotic American dogs to enjoy. These yummy, healthy berry treats can be enjoyed all summer long. And not only that, they are human-friendly too!

Ingredients include strawberries (1/2 cup) and blueberries (1/2 cup) lightly blended along with plain yogurt. You can add some fresh coconut to the white layer as an option too.

Jessica shows how to make the Rocket Pops and as you’ll see in the video, her pups are very helpful through the entire process, sampling the ingredients as she goes along.

Instead of putting in the popsicle plastic sticks into her molds, she cleverly substitutes a chicken jerky stick for her dogs. The recipe is very simple as you’ll see in the video. Simply mix the berry layers with some yogurt and add to the molds.

This DIY treat is sure to be a hit with the dogs no matter what the occasion.

If you like the star-shaped Bomb Popsicle molds she uses in the video, they can be purchased on Amazon.

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