Dog Groomer Comically Demonstrates How Different Breeds Act While Being Groomed

When it comes to grooming every individual dog behaves differently. Some dogs may enjoy the experience, while others don’t like it one bit.

But as one groomer on TikTok shares, some generalizations according to breed can be made…for comedy’s sake. ilikedogsmorethanyou has posted her impressions of what it’s like to groom certain dog breeds. From Great Danes to German Shepherds and Chihuahuas to Yorkies, she shares what she thinks are each of the breeds’ their quirks.

Says one viewer, “The Chihuahua is so accurate.” Another says the Pyrenees was “bang on.” No doubt groomers and pet parents will have their own opinions. But we can all agree that some dogs simply aren’t fans of getting bathed or groomed, which can make a dog groomer’s job a challenge!

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