Homeless Dog Living On The Streets Reunited With His Long Lost Brother

When Hope For Paws first rescued Everest the Newfoundland dog off the streets of Los Angeles several months ago, they were told at the time he had a brother.

But the rescuers were unable to find Fuji at the time. Everest went to live with a wonderful family in Oregon. As fate would have it, Fuji reappeared and was being fed by two sisters, Jacqueline and Janet. Hope For Paws was contacted and they immediately went out to rescue Everest’s brother – who turned out to be an Akita mix!

It turns out Fuji wasn’t all alone on the streets and that he had a friend, a sickly Golden Retriever, named Tai, who they couldn’t leave behind!

Once the two were rescued, it was time to find them forever homes. Tai found a lovely home with another Golden Retriever. And as for Fuji? Eldad Hagar personally chauffeured him to Oregon so he could be reunited with his long-lost brother!

Take a look at their heartwarming reunion in the video below!

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