Couple Rescue Golden Retriever They Find Freezing And Alone On Mountain

Jean-Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan were on a hike in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland one chilly morning when they noticed a shape moving on a rock. As they got closer they saw the blonde-furred creature was a dog! They noticed the dog had cuts all over her legs and was very weak.

The Golden Retriever couldn’t walk or bark and she was shivering from the cold so Ciara put her jacket on the dog. They fastened the dog to Jean’s backpack and began the hike down the hill. It was a big trek back to the parking lot – over six miles (10km) and it took them roughly five hours to get her back to their car.

Once they brought the Golden Retriever home they fed her and warmed her up. They then contacted a local animal rescue for help tracking down her owners. And they did!

It turns out the dog is named Neesha and she had been missing for two weeks. She had been out with her family on a hike when she and their other dog, Harley, chased after a deer and disappeared. The family searched until it got dark and returned the next morning and found Harley in a parking lot, but Neesha was nowhere to be found. They used a drone, left laundry on the trail, and posted on social media for help. But after two weeks of no sightings the family gave up hope.

Now Neesha is back safe at home and her family says even though she had lost a lot of weight, she’s doing well after her ordeal.

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