French Bulldog Struggling to Breathe On Plane Saved By Fast-Acting Flight Crew

The flight crew on a Jet Blue flight are being credited with saving the life of a French Bulldog having a hard time breathing.

Michele and Steven Burt were on a Jet Blue flight Thursday from Florida to Massachusetts when they noticed something wrong with their French bulldog Darcy.

Darcy’s tongue and gums had turned blue and she was panting heavily. Realizing the dog was oxygen deprived, two flight attendants put an oxygen mask over Darcy’s snout and she quickly perked up.

“It actually fit her face really well because she’s got a round face,” she told 7News. “You couldn’t help but notice the change in her eyes. I know it’s not a child or a person but she is a family member. I just felt very grateful.”

Michele and Steven Burt

Veterinarians caution dog owners with short-nosed dogs (otherwise known as brachycephalic breeds or snub-nosed breeds) to be careful about flying with the animals, especially in summer months.

Snub-nosed dogs include: American Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, English or French Bulldogs, King Charles Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos, Pugs, Shar-Peis and Shih Tzus.

In recent years, several airlines have banned the bulldogs, pugs and other brachycephalic breeds from planes because of the health risks to the dogs.

Darcy is expected to make a full recovery.

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