Dog’s Original ‘Kodo’ Freestyle Heelwork Performance Impresses Audience

Kotetsu the Border Collie and his human Tetsuro Ito performed a wonderful, original routine at Crufts Dog show in the UK. Blending Japanese traditions with freestyle heelwork, the two put on a unique show Tetsuro calls “Kodo,” which means “heartbeat.”

It was their first time at Crufts after 8 years of training together. Tetsuro said when he first started he didn’t like performing in front of an audience but now dancing with Kotetsu is a joy. We love that the routine appears to blend Bojutsu (a stick fighting martial art) and Kotetsu looks like he’s having the time of his life. He is so eager to please and the two are clearly enjoying themselves.

And the blend of “fighting” and heelwork reminds us of another of our favorite routines of the Gladiator and his dog.

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