Dogs Lead Ducks Through Fun Family Obstacle Course

When it comes to “herding” ducks, these three Border Collies are experts in their field. While on their farm in Livingston Tennessee, Roy, Lass and Celt showed off their skills with a fun training exercise leading some ducks through a unique obstacle course.


Chad, the farmer, simply whistles to direct the working dogs to lead the ducks through a hula hoop held by one of his nieces. The dogs crouch down and surround the ducks so they move through the hoop. Then it was on to his other niece who did a backwards stretch creating a hoop out of her body.


ViralHog described what happens in the video:

“The Quack Pack USA is at it again. Chad was working Roy, Lass, and Celt on some unusual obstacles. His nieces were also in attendance. The skill and ability to work three dogs together on three different sets of whistles is truly amazing.”

Watch the dogs at work having fun in the video below!

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