Dog Plays Jenga Like An Expert And Impresses Everyone

Secret is an Australian Shepherd who has mastered many skills. But her latest talent is impressing the Internet like no other. That’s because she can play Jenga! Her mom, Mary, has taught her to pull the wooden blocks from the middle of a tall stack. Now, I know from experience how hard this is for a human. But for a dog? No wonder at one point she has drool coming from all the concentration!

Says Mary: “I started teaching Secret Jenga a little while ago, and she’s finally getting the hang of it. She really enjoys games that require precision like this, so we’ve been having a lot of fun with it!”

But it’s no secret that Secret is one very impressive dog. She can do a whole lot more than play Jenga.

She can play the drums, do yoga, went viral when she showed off her skills on a sled. Now she is trying her skills at painting and music. I mean, c’mon!

Secret is 4 years old and Mary is just 18. Given their wealth of talent, we’re likely see more of this dynamic duo.

She’s also very considerate, tidying up the home by mopping and sweeping.

And then it’s back to fun activities like scootering, skipping rope and ping pong!

If there was ever a renaissance dog, Secret is it.

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