Dog At Wedding Becomes the Life of the Party, Viral Photo Proves It

Jayce and Angie Blumberg weren’t expecting their dog, Boone, to become Internet famous, but that’s what happened when he got a little bit bored and photobombed their wedding ceremony. The moment was immortalized in a photo taken by their wedding photographer, Chris Davis, and quickly went viral.

Boone was on the side of Jayce during the opening prayer when he decided to roll around in the grass. Boone’s spontaneous roll made everyone laugh, including the pastor.

The best boy. It’s fun watching this image gain traction on @nbcnews, facebook, @reddit etc. Thanks so much for trusting me with your photos, Jayce and Angie!

A post shared by Chris Davis (@goodroadco) on

Asked how Boone would react if he knew he was a viral sensation Angie told Today: “He’d be fine with it. He’s always been the life of the party.”

The newly-married couple in Freeburg, Illinois, say that despite what the photo might suggest, Boone is an incredibly well behaved dog.

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