Dog Mesmerized By Humpback Whales During Close Encounter On Boat

Skipper Australian Shepherd has been on many a trip out to sea with his dad Evan Brodsky, owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch expeditions. The one-year-old dog usually stays in the pilot house. But during a recent trip, the dog got his first ever close encounter with a humpback whale and it was a special one.

In the video, one whale keeps bobbing up to get a closer look at the passengers on board the vessel. Skipper’s attention immediately focuses on the whale and it sure looks like the whale wants a closer look at Skipper too. At one point, the pair appear to lock eyes.

“My favorite reaction of Skipper is when he put his [paws] up on the rails to get a better look at the whale,” Brodsky told HuffPost in an interview.

Brodsky also mentioned in the video’s YouTube description that the whales’ visit was “extremely rare” and definitely “not something we see everyday.” Brodsky noted that the boat was in neutral the entire time and the friendly whales came over on their own. They hung out near the boat for several hours during which time Skipper was completely mesmerized by the animals.

“Over the whole two hours he was mostly silent just trying to figure out what was going on,” Brodsky said. He added that Skipper “seemed to love the whales too and he was just as excited as we all were!”

Skipper’s reaction to the whales reminds us of the unique friendship between Ben the dog and Duggie the dolphin, which you can read more about in our article here.

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