Dog Hilariously Zooms Around with GoPro Mounted on Ping Pong Paddle

Bonnie the Pitty makes her family smile every day. Carmen Michelle found Bonnie abandoned and starving and rescued her. Since that day, “she has come a long way and has never looked back,” Carmen said. “We love our little BonBon.”

Carmen and her husband, who frequently foster and rescue dogs, said that Bonnie has blossomed into “our almost annoyingly perfect little pitty”. The dog also has a lot of energy as you’re about to see in this funny video.

Bonnie grabs a ping pong paddle with a GoPro Hero camera attached to it and begins to zoom around the backyard. With her ears flapping, and her siblings chasing after her, Bonnie hides behind the shed and plays a game of “keep away” from her dad and the other dogs.

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