Dog has the Funniest Way of Sledding in the Snow

Many dogs go sledding on their bellies or join their families in the fun but this rescue pup taught himself. While his pals play with a basket ball, he takes a round sled for kids and tosses it into the air before putting his front paws on it and pushing himself down the snow-covered driveway.

“Harley, age 3, is a loving pup,” his family writes. “He taught himself how to sled! He is a pit bull and rottweiler mix, and a rescue pup.”

It’s amazing to see Harley have so much fun considering he was so sick he couldn’t walk when he was first rescued. His mom says, “My fiance Ben took care of him, when he was very sick and couldn’t walk, so he would carry him everywhere. Now Harley can’t sleep without snuggling.”

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