Dog Has Adorable Stompy Dance She Does Every Day With Her Dad

Chris and his Golden Retriever Nala share the sweetest bond.

They not only love to spend time together on outdoor adventures they also have an adorable dance routine that Chris calls the “Nala Stomps.”

The Nala Stomps consist of Nala running between Chris’ legs and then she hops from foot to foot as Chris sings a little song. The two are clearly enjoying their routine. Chris says, “Nala averages about 57 stomps per day.”

Chris recently compiled their best “stomps” in a video.

Nala will stomp no matter what the weather.

There’s also the Nala flop, which probably happens after an active day of stomping.

The pair also share a cute morning routine. Chris writes, “I spend the first 5 minutes of my day playing with Nala.”

How sweet is that?

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