Dog Given Away Ends Up In Terrible Shape But Rescuers Hope To Give Him A Chance

This is why you don’t give your pets away…

An Outreach volunteer with Sidewalk Specials in Cape Town Africa spotted some children picking up kibble from the ground. The woman asked them who they were trying to feed and they led her to Eddie.

The poor dog was starving. Rescuers couldn’t understand why he was in such poor shape. They learned his last owner had given him away but it appears he did not end up in the hands of people who took care of him, or could not take care of him.

Instead, Eddie had been abused and neglected. He howled when they tried to pick him up, his beautiful amber eyes terrified at what was happening. In fact, rescuers said they had never seen a dog so so scared of human touch…

Sidewalk Specials rushed him to the vet and learned he has malnutrition, kidney issues, mange and tick bite fever. They also learned his front teeth are worn down from eating gravel. They guess his age as five and although he was so scared during his rescue, he turns out to be great with dogs and cats. He’s slowly starting to trust humans again.

His rescuers say, “Eddie will take some getting right – but we’d like to give him a chance.” If you would like to help them take care of Eddie, consider making a donation.

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