Dog Found With Wire Tied Tightly Around His Body Pleads For Help

A dog that had wire tied around his body, cutting him and causing him tremendous pain is on the mend. The setter showed up at a couple’s yard in the mountains of a village in Greece and they reached out DAR Animal Rescue for help. When Ermioni arrives she learned that the dog had been abandoned there two years earlier (likely by hunters).

She writes, “The winter in that village is heavy and no one knew how this dog survived. He was not approaching anyone, he was afraid of everyone and the way he got inside that yard was just unbelievable.”

But she immediately notices the dog’s eyes were pleading silently for help because as she approached him he stands perfectly still and looks up at her.

Despite the pain he is in, the dog – named Maximos – is so docile as Ermioni puts a leash and muzzle on him. He didn’t want to walk, as he was probably in too much pain. But he lets her lift him and take him to the car.

Once at the vet, Ermioni uses pliers to cut the metal cable tightly wound around his body. She wonders how long Maximos has had to live with the nasty metal wire?

Maximos he is now in loving hands and will know a better life from this point forward. “We have him under our care and he already trusts us and sometimes I think he smiles at us, says Ermioni. “Our goal now is to find a forever home for him.”

Maximos has fully recovered and Ermioni says, “He’s even getting some lead training and is extremely friendly and loving, a typical Setter!”

To reach out to DAR Animal Rescue visit their Facebook page.

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