Abandoned Great Pyrenees Found Tied to Sled Learns to Walk Again

A gentle giant of a dog named Perry was tied to a sled along with a note that read, “Over 10 yrs old. Can no longer walk.”

The senior dog had been abandoned in the sled in front of The Wanderers’ Rest Humane Society in Canastota, New York, who immediately came to his rescue.

They could see the pain and the hope in his eyes.

The vet did a thorough examination of Perry and determined his fur was so matted and tight to his skin that it physically hurt him to move. That was the main reason he couldn’t walk! His rescuers began giving him physiotherapy to help him begin to be able to use his leg muscles again.

Perry soon went into foster care where his foster mom Susie Schond-Salvage continued his therapy and noted that “He is so much stronger. Life has been brought back into his eyes. And its been wonderful seeing him happy and knowing that we have been part of that. He touches the lives of everyone he meets.”

She added that “He just gives off so much love. Perry loves to be around people! He always wants to greet everyone he sees. He is truly a sweet soul.”

And the sweet soul appears to have found his forever home.

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