Dog Does Not Like Farts…Or Does He?

When Bullit the white Pit Bull hears a “fart” noise he doesn’t like it…or does he?

Bullit is minding his own business when his human makes a fart sound. Immediately his ears perk up. What was that sound his human just made? Was it a fart? At first he looks almost upset and sad that his human farted. After all, who likes farts? Then a louder fart noise…now Bullit runs quickly runs around his human continuing to keep his eye on him.

It first appears that the adorable Pittie is running away, but no, he goes into the play posture.

Oh no. Could Bullit actually like fart noises? Just look at his wagging tail and how he can’t contain his excitement as his human continues his barrage of fart and spitting noises. Bullit prances and dances and plays. If we were to judge, we just may weigh in that Bullit does like farts. What do you think? Watch the funny video below and decide for yourself.

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