Dog Adorably Apologizes For Pulling Fire Alarm At Doggie Daycare

An over-excited Golden Retriever caused a bit of mischief at her doggie daycare when she pulled the fire alarm and prompted the local fire department to have to come. Dogwoods Lodge owner Jessica Tapper says the dog named Birdie didn’t know she had done it and neither did they at first.

Security camera footage later revealed that Birdie had hit the alarm when trying to get into the enclosure to play with her pals. “She just arrived for day camp and was just bouncing around and bounced into the fire alarm, pushed it in, pulled it down and that was it,” Tapper said of Birdie’s clumsy paws.

And it didn’t seem like Birdie was much concerned about the mayhem she caused. “She didn’t seem to care at all. The other dogs were freaking out,” Tapper told KCCI.

Afterwards, Dogwoods Lodge wrote on Facebook, “Birdie tested our fire system today and wanted to apologize to her dog friends and the fire dept.” They shared a photo of Birdie looking very repentant with a sign around her neck that read, “Dear Grimes Fire Department, I’m sorry that I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie.

The Grimes Fire Department accepted the adorable apology and posted on Facebook, “The face certainly says sorry. False alarms do occur from time to time, but it is our job to keep everyone safe. We are certainly glad there wasn’t a fire Dogwoods Lodge!”

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