Deaf Pug Super Excited to See His Family Return Home

Dogs with hearing problems may face challenges dogs with full hearing do not, but that doesn’t limit their ability to communicate. Take this precious senior pug. He loves his humans so much he can’t help but “sing the song of his people” when they come home to greet him.

He is so happy that he breaks out in song when mom gives him a neck rub.

Vincent Prochoroff describes his pug as follows:

“Our pug is deaf, so he is not too sure what he is saying so when he gets excited he starts “singing”. He is one old chap and very friendly, 11 years old! He is a healthy dog and loves to be around people, sometimes he even ‘sings’ when no one is around. I can assure you he is not in pain, but is just excited.”

Many deaf dogs learn sign language to interact with their humans and some learn to contribute back to society by using their other senses. Quite a few dogs lose their hearing with age. But as this sweet fellow demonstrates, that doesn’t make them any less lovable.

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