Cute Corgi Does the Funniest Thing to Avoid Taking His Medicine

Bobo the Corgi really doesn’t want to take his medicine and does the most adorable thing to tell his dad “no way”.

It goes something like this:

Dad: Let’s take medicine
Dad: You MUST take medicine
Dad: Eat toast?
Bobo: ….(yes?)
Dad: Take medicine?

Bobo is going to take some convincing!

Anyone who has a dog knows it can be difficult to administer medicine to them. Let’s face it, even humans don’t like taking it. That’s why children’s medicines are often sweetened and made to look like candy. So the same psychology should go into giving your dog his/her pills and liquid medicines. Try to make it taste good and be an enjoyable experience by rewarding them with a treat after they take it. You can also try wrapping pills in food, like a piece of cheese or meat. Or, use a popular product like Greenies Pill Pockets or Milk-Bone Pill Pouches. We share some more tips in our article How to Give Your Dog a Pill Without Any Hassle.

The easiest way to give your dog a liquid medication is to use a treat (such as squirting it on top of slices of banana) or mixing it with their food (canned or kibble). If you dog doesn’t like it mixed with their food, then you’ll have to use a syringe. Place the tip of the syringe in the mouth behind one of the canine teeth (fangs). This is the best place as you can move the tip in between the gap of the teeth. If you angle the syringe correctly, the medication will be squirted onto your dog’s tongue.

Make sure to slowly squeeze the syringe so your dog can swallow it and doesn’t get a shock. And don’t worry if your dog spits some out or you don’t quite get it all in. Practice makes perfect. After your dog has swallowed the liquid give them a reward and lots of praise!

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