Cane Corso Surprises Mom By Playing Cute Game Of Peek-a-Boo with Dad

Royce is a Cane Corso who his family calls “the biggest dork and goofiest dog you’ll meet.” They recently shared an adorable video of Royce playing an impromptu game of hide-and-seek with his dad when he came home from work.

His mom, Noell recently posted an adorable video of Royce playing hide-and-seek with his dad and says it was a spontaneous moment that caught her completely by surprise.

@noleeeyy Oh so we are playing peek a boo huh? #canecorso #funny #husbandanddog ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Royce is by the kitchen window when he sees dad outside. Dad puts his hand on the window and says hello to Royce through the glass. He then playfully hides and Royce wonders where he went. But then he catches on to what’s going on. That, or he’s looking for his dad on the floor! LOL!

Noell says Royce is 4 years old but still a “puppy at heart.”

Noell answered Royce’s fan’s questions about how he learned to play peek-a-boo: “He taught himself! He watched what my husband was doing then this happened. We didn’t expect this.”

@noleeeyy Replying to @enchanting_kristal ♬ original sound – Noell

What a delightful moment to have caught on film. We’re sure it’s one Noell and her husband will treasure.

For those viewers who noticed Royce’s ears are cropped Noell shared that this was unfortunately done by the breeder before they got him as a puppy.

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