Adorable Pug Trio Have a Head Tilt-a-thon

Pugs Dutchess, Pooka and Jaxon show off their head tilting skills until they unanimously decide that it’s time to get that cookie dad keeps asking them about!

Notice Dutchess (aka wiggle butt), at the bottom right, who just can’t stop wagging her tail. Pooka is the one on the left, and Jaxon is the big guy in the back. And, by the way, “Feed the turtles” refers to the pet turtles the pugs have. The dogs love watching the turtles come up for food in their pond when they get fed. It’s one of their favorite pastimes.

Their proud papa boasts that the trio won second place on America’s Funniest Videos (AFV) years ago. He’s very proud of everything they do, commenting, “Somehow they get cuter by the day. The snoring in unison nightly is great.”

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