Abandoned Puppy Ignored Until He Approaches a Family Walking in Park

An abandoned puppy approached a family in a park and changed his luck forever. The black and white puppy was running over to everyone who passed by but no one stopped until one family walking their dogs noticed him.

Lucky for the puppy, the people he approached are dog rescuers in the Ukraine. They guessed he had most likely been abandoned in the park and they knew they couldn’t leave him there on such a cold night.

But the excursion turned out to be even more lucky as a security guard had found another puppy in the same park and let Love Furry Friends Rescue know. The two puppies appear to be siblings.

After a vet visit, both puppies got a clean bill of health and “Burger” and “Tasha” were soon on their way to new lives. Burger has already found a home and Tasha is still looking for one, but no doubt will find one soon!

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