Abandoned Dog Rescued From Tower Deep In The Jungle

A dog abandoned in a stone tower deep in the jungle of Puerto Rico has a second chance thanks to a rescue team that found him.

José González with Animal Rescue Team Vega Baja found the emaciated dog, but when the dog did not want to come down the dangerous spiral stairs, Jose reached out for help from an experienced rescuer.

After being tagged on Facebook, Bonnie Lukas with Second Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico answered the call. She hiked 30 minutes up into the mountains of El Toro Negro where the tower stood 3500 feet above sea level.

She immediately noticed the dog was skinny and emotionally withdrawn and had a sunburnt nose. She figured he had been trapped in the tower for at least a month. As they headed down, he was so exhausted he needed to be carried part of the way. But when Ragnar was safely back in civilization his sweet nature and energy returned and he did a happy dance!

Now Ragnar faces a new, positive future. To support Second Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico and dogs like Ragnar visit their website.

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