Tiny Abandoned Puppy Found Living Among Stray Cats

Rescuers were surprised when they found a tiny puppy living among a cat colony that is home to hundreds of feral and abandoned cats.

Love Furry Friends routinely feeds and sterilize the hundreds of cats that have live in a park in Ukraine. On this particular feeding day, they spotted a new face among the cats – a tiny puppy.

The puppy was taking shelter in a box that had been set up for the cats when he popped out, no doubt drawn to the sound of people.

He makes his way through the junk and debris over to the food left out for the cats. His tail wags expectantly the entire time!

Love Furry Friends

When his rescuer picks him up, she is sure to check for any other puppies and possibly his mother, but they do not find any other dogs.

Love Furry Friends

Zhorik was so relieved to see a human! Watch his rescue in the video below:

And be sure to watch to the end for the good news – it didn’t take long for this adorable pup to get adopted.

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