Three Boys Fight Off Giant Snake Trying to Kill Their Dog

Three boys were captured on video heroically jumping into action after a large snake wrapped itself around their dog.

The dog is whimpering as the python coils itself around the dog’s lower body and hind legs.

The older boy can be seen trying to pin the huge snake’s head to the grass with a metal rod as the two younger boys hurl leaves and sticks at the snake to get it to let go of the dog.

The boys then team up to unwrap the snake from the dog’s body. Throughout the ordeal, the dog remains still, no doubt dazed by his deadly predicament.

Thankfully, the boys manage to weaken the snake’s grip long enough for the dog to make his escape.

The video first appeared on a popular social media channel in China, and the video appears to have been filmed somewhere in Southeast Asia. Pythons in the region are known to attack pets.

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