Motorcyclist Stops Woman Intentionally Dragging Dog Behind Car and Saves Dog’s Life

A motorcyclist saved the life of a dog being dragged behind a car in Pereira, Colombia. The dog was running behind the car and his paws were bleeding when Wilder Rios Impata saw the dog.

Wilder maneuvered his bike and managed to stop the the car. When he confronted the woman driver, he said she told him the dog was aggressive and had bitten her and other people so she decided to end the dog’s life.

Wilder filmed the confrontation with the woman and posted it on Facebook. The video went viral with over 66,000 shares. Police were called to the scene but it appears the woman has not yet been charged.

The dog is now safe, although his current whereabouts have not been reported.

Here is Wilder’s confrontation with the woman. Note, the video does not show the dog being dragged.

And here is Wilder’s original note accompanying the video on Facebook (in Spanish): “Amigos ayudenme a compartir este vídeo para q esto no suseda mas esta mañana 1 de noviembre 7:40 vía Pereira Manizales después del peaje de Tarapaca esta señora llevaba este pobre animal encadenado a la parte tracera de su vehículo fue tanta mi rrabia q le atravece la moto la insulte y llame a la policía el perrito no tenia garras ya. todas comidas por el pavimento y todo por q el perro la mordió le hizo eso y el perro todo flaco desnutrido le cuidaba la finca en aguas claras serca a santa rosa.

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