Deaf Dog has an Adorable Silent Bark but Does Not Realize it

People have fallen in love with a dog who is deaf after his rescuers shared a video of him barking silently.

Link is a dog with disabilities who is being looked after by Special Needs Animal Rescue League (SNARL) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The deaf dog doesn’t realize his bark doesn’t make any sound, but that doesn’t matter to the people who take care of him. And viewers (over 13 million of them), love watching Link not make a sound.

Watch Link’s silent bark in the video below:

@snarlrescue The absolute sass #deaf #deafdog #bark #frenchton ♬ original sound – SNARL Rescue 🐾 ♿️

SNARL shared a follow up of Link and his “sassy silence” to the delight of fans.

@snarlrescue Link is deaf and thinks hes giving big borks #barking #frenchton #bork #deafdog ♬ original sound – SNARL Rescue 🐾 ♿️

And SNARL decided to start a new TikTok series featuring Link that they call Silent Or Siren, “where Link tells us just how much chaos the day will bring.” How fun is that?

@snarlrescue Welcome to our new series, #SilentOrSiren, where Link tells us just how much chaos the day will bring. #deafdog #dogbark #bork ♬ original sound – SNARL Rescue 🐾 ♿️

You also get to see Link in action. In addition to his loss of hearing, Link also is disabled and needs a wheelchair to get around. Or, sometimes a set of skis! In the video below, Link goes skiing for his Silent or Siren forecast.

@snarlrescue Replying to @A literal cabbage Monday’s Forecast! #chaosforecast #silentorsiren #frenchton #link ♬ original sound – Rainyrodrequiezmeat

It’s clear Link is a dog with lots of personality. When he bats his baby blue eyes and looks deeply into his caregiver’s soul, it’s in the hopes it will score him a second breakfast. And when that doesn’t work, maybe a few words will do the trick. Sometimes silent. Sometimes not.

@snarlrescue Tuesday’s chaos forecast, brought to you by Link! #SilentorSiren #deafdog #dogbark #bark #silentbark ♬ original sound – SNARL Rescue 🐾 ♿️

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