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Woman Risks Her Life to Save Dog from Stormy Ocean

Huge waves engulfed them and it did not look like the dog would make it.

dog saved from ocean in Brighton

The dramatic dog rescue was captured on video at the popular beach in Brighton, England. It shows the woman run into the freezing water as her dog was dragged out to sea.

A large wave crashes over top of her, engulfing her and pushing her back up the beach. When she resurfaces, it appears she realizes it is too unsafe to try and get her dog. But seconds later, the dog is also pushed to shore by the powerful surf.

The woman doesn’t realize her dog is right behind her, but the watching bystanders shout “the dog, the dog” and she is able to grab hold of him before another wave crashes down on top of them. She couldn’t hold on to the dog, but a person managed to grab the dog and drag him to safety as the woman staggered up.

The footage had many applauding the woman’s bravery, but some are questioning if she should have taken the risk.

Experts advise anyone who witnesses a similar emergency not to attempt to go into the water after them. There’s a good chance that you would be swept out yourself. Instead, immediately call emergency services for help.

One thing is for certain, the video highlights the safety risks of walking your dog too close to the water’s edge in stormy weather. It’s an important reminder to always be careful of the sea in winter weather and stay a safe distance away from the shoreline.

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