Woman in Tears When Reunited With Her Lost Dog After 20 Days Apart

This is the emotional moment they see each other again.

It was 20 long days before a dog named Molly was reunited with her concerned owner, Katerine. Molly had been found on the street by a group of friends as they left the bar in the Colombian capital, Bogota.

One of the rescuers, Puyana, found the dog and posted her picture on social media. Puyana was about to take Molly to a rescue home when she received a call. It was Katerine! She had seen Puyana’s post online and after a few exchanges Katerine knew she had found her beloved dog.

The video below is the moment Katerine is reunited with Molly. She approaches the minivan and sees Molly through the window. Seconds later the two share a cuddle and Molly can’t stop wagging her tail!

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