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My Details

Name: Dan Hetland
Profession: Retired Medical
About Me: Gus is a retired racing Greyhound, currently 4 years and 10 months old. He came off the track in November of 2015. He is a great dog, with a few things left to learn. He loves to counter-surf and is at just the perfect height to do it. He is also extremely inquisitive and has to know everything; he absolutely has to sniff everything that comes in the door. We got Gus from a foster family that did a wonderful job preparing him for a forever home. Gus is the second Greyhound adoption we've had. Our first was a female named Happy, that we took directly from her trainer and straight from the track and she was an absolutely amazing girl, very sweet and loving, but she never understood the concept of toys. Gus, on the other hand, loves his toys, especially the ones that make noise, the squeaky ones are his favorite, but the crinkly ones with the water bottles in them are a close second. Having just lost my love P-Nut in January, it's been very hard, that hole in my heart is still very ragged, but Gus is working hard to heal it. I know it will take time, and Gus is such a sweet boy, he’s way ahead of schedule.

My Dogs

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My Comments

I like your idea about a animal abuser registry, sounds like something we should propose to our Congressmen, there are way too many people who should be on the list that continue to get pets.
Dear Dan, Thank you so much for your condolences. I will be definitely be looking into your city. I appreciate any help and suggestions in helping to stop this problem that seems to be on the up rise. Love to you and your pups. Maureen Lynch
Bravo on your comments regarding the dog at the master's graveside. I fully agree, it is not that it's not do-able, we just need the will to invest in "communication" tools with our four legged friends.
Dan, thanks for your comment to me concerning my comment to Robert. Dogs do make the world a better place!
hi dan! thanks for your encouraging comments. i was trying to reach the REAL corp office and all i could find were regional corp offices pertaining to franchises. and of course, they DO NOT want me contacting their president or ceo at the real corp office. the problem is, i simply cannot find the information i need. i don't know who to contact the person who was on undercover boss. i don't have a name, location, etc. i am exhausted. i have about 10 chronic illnesses and i don't go out much nor can i drive right now under the influence of some of my meds. so it's a BIG DEAL when i do go out. i am also 1/2 irish and 1/2 native american, so i have some fight in me! :) the only reason i push this is because i know hooters has done this to others and some were even veterans. i do not want them to think it's "ok", like that manager said, "because no one has papers and doesn't want to fight him." i don't want to fight him either, but i am because i have friends who are disabled and would not be able to take the pressure. like one rude commenter told me on dogheirs.... "if he embarrassed you, why didn't you just walk away?" and THAT is why i didn't because they think they can bully us into submission. i just hope i am still alive to see what the DOJ does to this guy and his company. obviously, if this is happening over and over again, they aren't concerned with obeying the law, just concerned with making money and "their image". i told them i posted my story online and they have not only had people follow me here, but facebook and other places they can google and see my story. i am truly sorry for what you went through. i know you know how it feels. to humiliate us for something for which we have no control. sigh. have a wonderful week and again, thank you. bevy
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