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My Details

Name: France Turcotte
Website: http://www.valleymastiffrescue.com/
Profession: Rescue
About Me: - Founder of Valley Mastiff Rescue – Private sanctuary & Rehabilitation Center since 2005. Completed course in Canine Nutrition, France is also an expert in Mastiff behavior & puppy mill behavior with many years experience with dogs, nutrition and rehabilitation. Her sanctuary is presently relocating to Ontario because of a Quebec ban on Mastiffs. France is presently furthering her studies in canine nutrition and is working towards certification in advanced canine Nutrition.

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Valley Mastiff Rescue

Nestled in the heart of the forest, this is a place of healing and love. Dogs are welcomed here to be a part of a family. Our sanctuary welcomes the homeless, neglected, unwanted, the sick or abused. Many dogs are rescued from shelters or high kill pounds. We have also rehabilitated many dogs from puppy mills and breeding facilities over the years.We personnaly treat & rehabilitate if needed in the hopes of finding a caring...
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France Turcotte


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