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My Details

Name: Lisa Jenkins
E-mail: tuffmutterrescue@gmail.com
About Me: I have been in dog rescue for over 5 years. I have been a director at a shelter with over 500 animals, but prefer being hands on with animals rather than behind a desk. I help rescue and network dogs all over south Florida and hope to be making a change in the way society cares for pets.

My Dogs

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My Organizations

Tuff Mutter Rescue

Endurance, Strength and Will are qualities that are necessary for survival for both mankind and animals. Tuff Mutter's goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, the number of neglected and homeless animals in west Hendry county. In the area of Hendry county, mainly the Clewiston/Montura area, there is little jurisdiction for animal control officers. The area is very rural, leaving few residents who view animals as pets and not property. Veterinary care is not nearby...
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did you find a home for toby?
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Lisa Jenkins


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  • Member since: 13/02/02
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Maria Augusta
Thanks Lisa! This dog is gorgeous. Hope he finds a...
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