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Imperfect Dog Inspires Kindness

Icon_missing_thumb By Michelle Jansick | October 30, 2014 | Comments (0)


Chipper is a therapy dog dropout from Colorado whose influence has spread to 50 states and 67 countries.   Saved by the Colorado Puppy Rescue in 2009, she barely escaped being euthanized at a shelter.  Last year the grateful mutt published her autobiDOGraphy to prove that you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference.  So far she has donated over $1700 in book profits to help children and animals in need.

Whenever Chipper puts on her bright-colored Kindness Thinking Cap, exciting things happen.  She raised $400 for a charity in one weekend by auctioning off her paw-printed artwork.  She collected cards from people all over the world (Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) for a friend who needed cheering up after his feet were crushed in a horrible work accident.  Chipper is currently training hard for her upcoming High Five Challenge fundraising event on Superbowl Sunday to end child trafficking.   

Chipper’s favorite hobbies include helping others and conducting squirrel surveillance, but not in that order.  Friends refer to the imperfect canine as a “hot mess,” which is by definition, “someone who remains attractive in spite of being in obvious disarray.” 

If you were to take a look at Chipper’s pink scrapbook, you’d see an adorable mutt wearing a Batman mask to cheer up her 6-year-old friend battling brain cancer.  On the next page, you’d find photos of her first book signing event where she growled at an elderly poodle.  A few pages later, you’d laugh at the picture of her wearing a coconut bra to welcome a foster puppy from a shelter in the Bahamas.  If you kept flipping through, you’d learn of the day she ate goose poop while a TV reporter was interviewing her about donating Christmas gifts to the local children’s hospital.

In spite of Chipper’s flaws, or perhaps because of her flaws, people everywhere have been inspired to follow in her imperfect footsteps.  A woman in Minnesota was motivated to volunteer with her local rescue group by transporting shelter animals to their new foster homes.  Chipper influenced a couple in Texas to adopt a stray dog standing in the rain at the edge of a freeway.  A family in South Carolina provided a temporary foster home for a 6-week-old pup abandoned at their local shelter.

People aren’t the only ones who want to be like Chipper.  Even her failed attempts at kindness have inspired pets to put their best paw forward.  Chipper made paw-printed cards for the seniors at a nearby retirement home, but instead of delivering them cheerfully, she barked at everyone and ate crumbs off the floor.  She has not been invited back… but her efforts were not in vain.  Two dogs from Illinois heard about Chipper’s good intentions and decided to make paw-printed cards for the folks at their local nursing home. 

Chipper just started her very own league of superhero pets who make the world a brighter place.  Being perfect is not a requirement.  Members include a service dog dropout from Maryland who eats doors, and a therapy dog dropout from Florida who is afraid of flying leaves.  The furry world changers are encouraged to let Chipper know if they do something kind.  A lop-eared rabbit in California gave a stuffed animal to a little girl with scoliosis.  A 20-year-old cat from Michigan donated her birthday money to help Chipper sponsor a group of disabled kids to visit abused farm animals.

This November, Chipper will be donating 100% of her net book profits to a local charity that rescues children from the sex trade.  People who buy Chipper’s autobiDOGraphy as a holiday gift this month will receive, upon request, a free paw-printed bookplate label with a personalized message for the recipient.

Chipper is living proof that anybody can make the world a happier place, and her contagious kindness is causing a ripple effect all over the globe.

To learn more about Chipper and her book, “Chipper’s Friends:  The Heartwarming Story of an Imperfect Dog,” visit www.ChippersFriends.com and follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChippersFriends.

created on: 2014-10-30created on: 2014-10-30




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