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adoption/clift lip dogs or other

Icon_missing_thumb By Terri Alphin | March 15, 2013 | Answers (1)

Pardon me, but it took I don't know how long to find an area taht I could at least ask a questions.

I didn't join so I could surf your website and offer money here and their.

I am very interested in the  Puppy that you have on this page for adotion or others.

What email address do I need to email too.. I work for the Department of Defense.. I don't like to get the run around

your site is the pits to find out info.. Pleas repond.. as i woudl very much like to adopt a baby.. let me know.


contact phone:  253-888-2391. I have  three dogs now.. and one with special needs somewhat. lol.. but they are my service dogs..and by law my compaion dogs. They are all very special, they are all ll treated like Kings' and Queens.. Please respond.

Thank you.e

Terrri Alphin, Medical Evaluation Board, Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis McChord Joint Base, Tacoma WA.

My work is 253-362-5472, my ceel as i perfeer.. 253-888-2391,,,

If you are not serious to find a home for the little beagle.. do not call. As I am responding to the little one in the picture that has a cleft pallet problem..

Thank youi for your consideration.

Teresa L. Alphin, Narsum Team, Medical Board, Madigan Aremy Medical Center, TAcoma, WA


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Answers To This Question

Terri, DogHeirs is a social network for dog lovers. Many rescues have profiles here to promote their adoptable dogs and help find them homes, (for example, DC Shiba Inu Rescue). You can browse their profiles and look through their list of adoptable dogs or articles and if you're interested, you can contact them directly to inquire about the dog in question.

Many times, others post information about dogs in need and you need to read through the article about the dog in question to find the contact information regarding the dog. Please keep in mind that this is a platform for sharing information, much like Facebook, so look carefully at who posted the content you're interested in as well as details in the content itself.
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