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My Details

Name: Sue Rogers
E-mail: sue@themiafoundation.com
Website: http://www.themiafoundation.com/
Profession: Director of The Mia Foundation
About Me: Please come visit The Mia Foundation website and Mia's Facebook page..We rescue animals born with birth defects and disabilities. Our little Mia was born with a cleft palate and has inspired thousands of people from all around the world. Sadly, Mia passed away from Pneumonia on April 11th, 2012..Her legacy lives on through The Mia Foundation which was created in her honor..Please share her story and help us to continue Mia's mission. Mia has shown us all that miracles really do exist. She changed the world with just one smile!! Thank You!! Please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LoveForMiaCleftPalateChihuahua?fref=ts

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My Organizations

The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation was developed to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance. So many animals born with birth defects, such as cleft palates or missing limbs, are euthanized at birth. With a little work and a lot of love, these animals give back so much more than anyone could possibly imagine. All they need is a chance!! A tiny little Chihuahua named Mia was the inspiration behind The Mia Foundation. "If they...
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Newest articles

Moana from The Mia Foundation

I received an email at 7 pm in mid-December 2012, about an 11 day old Yorkie pup who was born with a cleft palate. The breeder was trying her best to keep the baby alive but felt that she was losing her because she didn’t know how to tube-feed. At 5 am the next morning I starting driving from NY and the breeder started driving from West Virginia and we met up in Pittsburg, PA....
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Max from The Mia Foundation

Max..Little Max was born with severe scoliosis. It was suggested that he be euthanized at birth. His breeder just couldn’t take his life after seeing how hard he fought and so he came to live with us at The Mia Foundation. When Max arrived at 6 weeks old, he could barely walk but we worked his little legs and tried straightening his back several times a day and within a week he was not only...
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I saved my article to a draft and now I can't find it, Can you tell me where my drafts are located? Thank you!!
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Sue Rogers


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