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My Details

Name: Eva Ladrach
About Me: Retired owner of two wonderful adopted German Shepherd mixes. Toby is 11 and Tara is 9. Each was adopted as a 6 month old from the humane society. They are my constant companions, love rides in the car and walks on the local bike trail. Toby and Tara love a small Wendy's burger to share once in a while. Yes, they are a bit spoiled. My neighbors call the 'the kids'. They have been through all the trials in this life as I have in the past 10+ years, and they have helped me to keep my sanity when circumstances might have caused me to go into a serious depression. Knowing I had to get up in the morning to walk and feed them, and knowing that there was no one else to care for them, is what kept me going. Thankfully the problems are now in the past. But I thank the Good Lord every day for Toby and Tara.

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My Comments

Name calling is IGNORANT I read what you typed.. id like to think a retired person has learned enough about life to NOT JUDGE ANYONE. I am wrong.
I am not here to argue, so please, try to see my point of view, as i am trying to see yours. Calling me names is argumentative. I have not called you a name. We can disagree, but calling me ignorant, you havent walked in my shoes like i havent walked in yours.
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Eva Ladrach


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