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Please Help My Family Get Our Dog BACK!!

Img_2648_thumb By Tara Brady | August 09, 2012 | Comments (15)

My name is Tara, and I am reaching out to anyone who can help me get my dog Duece back!  Three weeks ago Sunday my Rottie became lethargic, and didn't eat dinner.  I thought because we had been outside in the heat all day, that he just wasn't hungry.  I had my husband call the vet following Monday morning and tell them Duece's symptoms.  He was laying around, not eating and had thrown up.  The vet said to monitor the behavior and call back if he got worse.  He threw up once or twice during the day and when I got home from work that night I called the vet back and was told I could bring Duece in but they were going to charge me for an emergency visit.  I took Duece to the vet with my 4 year old and 10 month old since my husband was working second shift.  When the vet came out to see us and I explained what was going on they assumed because I had small children that the dog must have eaten something the kids had left on the floor and  that was blocking his intestines and that he needed to be xrayed immediately.  I explained multiple times I have a 10 month old baby who can also choke so I don't leave anything on the floor.  I had the xrays done and when the vet came back she said she believed something was lodged in his intestine and that he would need and ultrasound and emergency surgery.  I asked to see the xrays and the vet responded by saying "are you familiar with looking at dog xrays?"  After looking at the xrays and I asked what the next steps would be and what costs where involved.  She stated an ultrasound was approximately $500 but that he needed emergency surgery and that would be no less than $3000.  I asked if he was going to be ok after surgery and she said depending on how bad the object tore his intestines, they didn't know.  I explained that we didn't have that kind of money.  We have three kids.  The vet then said well if you don't have the money you can take out a credit card or put him down.  I again explained with having three kids I can't take out all kinds of debt and that I needed to talk to my husband.  I requested the vet run an IV line into Duece so we could keep him hydrated overnight.  The next morning Duece was worse so my husband called the vet and begged them to fix him, even saying if you will fix him you can keep him just don't make him suffer.  The vet told us we had one hour to make a decision or Duece would die.   The vet also suggested we turn him over to the Main Line Animal Rescue and that they would help fix Duece and adopt him out rather than us have to put him down.  We couldn't stand the thought of putting a 10 month old puppy down.  My husband turned Duece over to the Metropolitan Vet and signed paperwork giving him to MLAR.  We called Tuesday to check on him, and Wednesday.  Wednesday night MLAR called my husband to update him.  They said " Duece has nothing stuck in his intestines, they are totally clear.  He has parvo."  My husband asked how they knew he had parvo and they stated it was a simple blood test.  My husband said we want our dog back, we only signed him over because we were told he needed a surgery that costs thousands of dollars.  They told us we couldn't have him back and we clearly weren't good dog owners if we weren't willing to pay for his surgery.  I love my dogs, but I have three children, and I don't think how much money I have has anything to do with how much I love and care for my dogs.  He was up to date on shots, had his license, was clean and well cared for.  This is my families dog, my childrens dog and we gave him to these people under false pretenses and we want him back.  I am asking for any help anyone can provide to bring Duece home to my family where he belongs rather than have him sitting in a shelter scared and alone.  Duece is the best Rottie 3 little kids could ask for.  He was born 8 days after my youngest son, and came to our home last Christmas at 8 weeks old.  He has grown up with my 3 kids and we are the only family he knows.  Please help me get my dog back, please!

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Comments on this Article

We haven't gotten very far. When you call MLAR they say they have no rotties. I think one of the volunteers has him :(
Thanks Kristine and Kathleen!
Tara, I am pulling for you and your family. This is unconscionable behavior on the part of that "rescue". Secondly, if you have maintained your adult dog's vaccs, it is highly unlikely he/she contracted Parvo. Also, and a word to the wise for everyone, vets are NOT like human doctors, in general. We're all very lucky when we find one who puts the welfare of our companions before their business. The AVMA discourages them from providing any services that may impact their business profits. The REAL healers in the industry are the ones who put your companion first and their wallets second and are willing to work with a family to help care for their companion. Keep fighting; we're all pulling for you.
Hi Tara, My friend Kim can help you out. Can you email her at KimLRichard@hotmail.com. She knows exactly what to do, please get in touch with her. thank you :)
Got an update from about MLAR, they have a huge outbreak of kennel cough. Not letting anyone in right now.
The shelter, the vet and the police told me to contact a lawyer. I obviously don't have thousands to spend on a lawyer, which the rescue knows. This rescue specials in saving dogs from puppy mills, which my dog isn't from, you would think they would let us work out a deal with them to bring Duece home. I would volunteer at the shelter, something to get my dog back.
This is a horrible situation, Tara. You did everything right. Obviously, the veterinarian you consulted should have her license suspended. Is there some kind of professional vets group that could intervene and have this vet get in touch with the rescue group to return your beloved pet? It was her mistake that made you sign your dog over to them.
Have you gone to the shelter in person? Worth a shot. I always thought Parvo was near impossible to get if vaccinated against. Maybe the shelter worker got the update wrong?
Sorry phone messed up. When I called the vet and told her that her diagnosis was wrong she said well I wasn't going to look for other diagnoses since money is an issue for you folks. Vets are like doctors, they take an oath to help animals, this vet judged me and my family and it cost us a memberof our family :( I also consulted two other vets who stated that parvo is very common in rotties and based on his symptoms should have been the first thing they tested for. They also said time is of the essence and the sooner he was treated the better. We just want our dog back!
Yes he was vaccinated, I have all my records. We took him running at a park recently, I'm guessing he picked it up there because our yard its fenced in. We were calling the vet, and the Vet told us to call the rescue. After calling the rescue several times, they called back with an update. That's when we said we wanted our dog back. Had we been told Monday when we went to the vet he could have started treatment Monday night. Instead he didn't get treatment until Tuesday after they did an ultrasound to look for what the vet thought was in his intestines. The wation. When I callef her
While I feel for your situation I do know that parvo may be cheap to diagnose but still expensive to fix. You don't just do a blood test and solve the problem. Not saying that you couldn't have afforded the treatment but you may have ended up in the same situation. Parvo is a serious illness. Also a 10 month old dog should have been vaccinated long ago which is an inexpensive thing that as i understand prevents the dog from getting Parvo in the first place. Is Duece not vaccinated? Why did MLAR call your husband with an update and not the hospital? Usually once an animal is signed over the former owner relinquishes all rights to the dog and I think is unlikely that a rescue would call you the next day and say something like "it's just Parvo". I do hope you can get your dog back if this is all correct information and please vaccinate him. There are a lot of low cost vaccine clinics out there.
Sorry Kristine, I read the screen name and typed Anne, and I think I did the same in my FB email. I apologize.
Thank you both, sorry I haven't been on since I posted this, we've been having internet connection issues. I will join the group on FB and hopefully we can get Duece home. Thanks again Nikki and Anne. T
Hi Tara. My name is Nikki. I found out about your plight because of The Barking Army. I am truly sorry you are going through this. I'm going to share your story and hopefully with everyone's support we can get Duece back home to you and the rest of his family. I also just wanted to let you know that IMO you are not a bad owner. You were unselfish enough to give Duece up and hope for a better life for him instead of putting a puppy to sleep. Parvo is horrible but you had did everything you were suppose to do and the Veterinarian gave you the wrong diagnosis. Between the choices you were given with the misdiagnosis I applaud your decision. You should not be penalized for not having the money for a surgery that was based on the misdiagnosis.
Hi Tara, I know that you are in a very difficult situation now, but I would like to let you know that there are a lot of people who would like to help you. By the way my name is Kristine and I am one of the admins of The Barking Army, we are a Facebook group who are dedicated in fighting for animal welfare. A lot of our members are wanted to help you out, but we do not know how to get in touch with you. If you can please join or like our group at https://www.facebook.com/BARKINGARMY and send us a PM. Or if you can email me at akvicencio@yahoo.com, I hope you will get in touch with me right away so that I can tell our community how we can help you.
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