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Missing dog rescued from river and reunited with grateful widow

P8010053_thumb By Tamara | April 10, 2012 | Comments (0)

Ashley rescued Mollie for relieved owner Lesley Hobbs
Ashley Bailey rescued Mollie from drowning and
returned her to grateful owner, Lesley Hobbs.

A four-year-old Border Collie who went missing from her back garden earlier this month, has been reunited with her relieved owner. The dog wandered throughout Bath, UK, before ending her adventure by being rescued from drowning in a river, according to the Bath Chronicle.

When Mollie disappeared from her home, her 62-year old owner Lesley Hobbs put up flyers around town appealing for help. The local community helped with search efforts and spread the word. During the week, there were reported sightings of Mollie all over Bath.

Lesley said: "I was heartbroken when Mollie went missing and am so grateful to everyone who went out to look for her. Most were people I have never met before, and who didn't know Mollie. This has restored my faith in human nature."

Lesley Hobbs with MollieLesley was particularly distraught about losing Mollie, as she and the dog share a deep connection, especially since last year when her husband Chris, died of lung cancer. At the time, Mollie was nicknamed 'Nurse Mollie' because she steadfastly refused to leave the side of Chris during his illness.

Lesley said: "She gave Chris so much comfort in the final stages of his illness. When he died Mollie was so depressed, she used to lie on the sofa bed on his pyjama jacket."

A week after Mollie went missing, Ashley Bailey, 23, was working in his garden near the river when he heard children shouting for Mollie. "I heard a lot of noise, and went out to see what was happening," said Ashley. "I saw Mollie running along, with people chasing her. She then got spooked, and jumped in the river."

Knowing quick action was called for, Ashley and his father Nick got in their car and drove around to the other side of the river, where they could better reach Mollie. "Mollie was treading water, and was panicked" said Ashley, so he jumped into the river to rescue her. "When I got close to her she tried to snap at me, but [she] was too exhausted. I couldn't lift her out, so I passed her to my dad before climbing out myself."

Mollie was soon reunited with a thankful owner. "I am so grateful to him for saving Mollie, and helping us to get her back," said Lesley. Ashley said: "I am over the moon that she is safe, and glad that I could help."

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